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Resuscitation Anne

//Resuscitation Anne

Resuscitation Anne

Resuscitation Anne

If you’ve ever practised Resuscitation or attended a First Aid Course then you’re probably familiar with some form of the Resuscitation Anne or “Annie’ doll.

Did you know the original Resuscitation Anne was developed by Norwegian toy maker Asmund Laerdal and the Austrian-Czech physician Peter Safar and American physician James Elam and is still produced by Laerdal Medical.

The original face was based on L’Inconnue de la Seine shown above. No one knows the true story behind the mask; the most common one is that it’s the Death Mask of a young girl, thought to be aged around 16, whose body was found drowned in the River Seine in Paris in the 1880’s.

Whoever she was, she has helped teach life-saving CPR to countless people around the world.

If you would like to learn this life-saving skill then click here to get in touch to see when our next courses are available or book us to provide training at your venue or workplace.

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