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Winter Vomiting Bug

//Winter Vomiting Bug

Winter Vomiting Bug

We’re now into the time of year when the winter vomiting bug, or Norovirus is starting to appear.

This is a highly infectious bug that is easily transmitted. The effects of the bug usually only lasts for a couple of days, but it feels like longer due to the misery it brings.


The winter vomiting bug usually starts with a feeling of bloating or nausea and then progresses into profuse vomiting and/or diarrhoea. It can also cause a high temperature, headaches and aching limbs.

Prevention is best with the Norovirus so it’s essential effective hand washing techniques are used after using the toilet or having contact with surfaces used frequently by the public, especially if you’re going to prepare food. It can also be spread by droplet form (coughs & sneezes) from person to person.

Use plenty of soap & water as hot as you can stand to wash, alcohol gels are NOT effective against Norovirus – whatever the manufacturers may claim.

If you do contract it then isolate yourself. If you have more than one bathroom then use just one and get the rest of your household to use a different one. Fluids are essential as dehydration can occur, leading to hypovolaemic shock, so sip water regularly, even if you don’t feel like it. Dioralyte, or similar rehydration treatments can also help.

Make sure all areas you come into contact with are thoroughly cleaned and all clothing & bedding should be washed after symptoms have cleared.

You should remain off work for 2 days after the symptoms have cleared as you are still infectious at this stage.

If the symptoms last more than a couple of days you should phone your GP or out of hours medical service for advice. Phone, don’t visit, unless requested by them to attend surgery or hospital.

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