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First Aid Courses – Covid 19 Coronavirus

//First Aid Courses – Covid 19 Coronavirus

First Aid Courses – Covid 19 Coronavirus

With the outbreak of Covid-19 Coronavirus I am being asked on courses about the use of resuscitation manikins in CPR. Medsafe Consultancy has always taken precautions against the risk of cross-contamination; these precautions match the latest advice from the Resuscitation Council UK & First Aid Awarding Organisations.

The measures taken are as follows:

  • All assessments for first aid courses will continue to assess rescue breaths
  • CPR dummies wiped with 70% alcohol wipes and any other equipment thoroughly after each learner allowing the surface to dry naturally before the next learner takes their turn
  • Learners may use individual face shields if they so wish and should be disposed of safely at the end of the session. The manikin chest, forehead and face can still be wiped to reduce likelihood of hand to hand contamination
  • General infection control measures are observed, and where appropriate, the learner can practice rescue breaths first or last in the group. Once the skills has been assessed as satisfactory, they do need to demonstrate this during the remainder of the course
  • Manikin lungs and airways disposed of and replaced after each training session
  • Manikin heads cleaned with appropriate surfactant/disinfectant solution after completion of each training session

Where any learner has any concerns about Covid 19 Coronavirus during a course, please discuss this with your Trainer. The same applies to anyone booking a course, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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