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Coronavirus Covid-19

//Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid-19

Car in storage

Whilst the Coronavirus Covid-19 measures are in place, unfortunately we’re unable to offer first aid courses. So here’s some advice on a different subject; I’ve put my car off road until I need it again, it’s cycling all the way for me when I need to get to the shops, this helps reduce some of those bills. If you can off-road your car, i.e not have it parked on the street then you can SORN your vehicle, which means you don’t pay Vehicle Excise Duty (some people still refer to this as ‘Road Tax’), this is simple to do online, click here for a link.

You can also reduce your insurance costs down to just Fire & Theft cover, your insurance company can do this over the phone immediately, just be prepared for longer waiting times with all call centres.

The next thing to think about is when we finally get out again, it’s not just a matter of parking up your car and expecting it to be perfect in a couple of months, like any machine if it’s neglected it’s unhappy. So here’s a few simple tips to start you off with storage and a link to the AA with more advice on storing a vehicle.

Storing your vehicle

A garage is the best place to store your vehicle, but not an option for everyone. If you can leave your car on flat ground with the handbrake off & wheels firmly chocked then this will prevent wear in your brake callipers and seizing of the brakes. If you can’t do this then make sure you release the handbrake at least once a week.

Battery health is important, without the charging cycle provided by driving the battery can go flat, so once a week start the car and leave it run for 15-20 minutes, this will help keep both the battery and engine healthy. If your vehicle is in a garage make sure it is adequately ventilated, or preferably bring the car out onto the drive whilst you do this (this will give you your handbrake release too if needed).

When this is over

Looking to the future, when the Coronavirus Covid-19 isolation is over, remember to ensure your vehicle is taxed and insured again before taking it out on the road. Check tyre pressure & oil levels before driving.

Hopefully we’ll get through this without too much more disruption and although I can’t offer first aid training at the moment, feel free to get in touch with any first aid advice or questions, click here for our contact page, or use

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