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“Seller” is Medsafe Consultancy, provider of goods and or services. “Buyer” is the person who agrees to buy goods from the seller. “Price” is the value of the goods including Vat at the standard rate if applicable, but excluding any transport or insurance costs. “Goods” are the components, products, or articles which the buyer agrees to buy from the seller. “Delivery Date” is an approximate date given by Medsafe Consultancy for despatching goods from its premises. We currently do not charge VAT,


2.1 The following terms and conditions are applicable to all sales made through our website and telephone, mail and are the only contractual terms that Medsafe Consultancy is prepared to sell under to the exclusion of any terms or conditions attempted to be introduced by the buyer.
2.2 Payment of goods shall be deemed as accepting all terms and conditions.
2.3 Orders will only be binding after the official order confirmation has been issued.


3.1 All prices quoted are as total amounts, delivery and insurance is stated extra.
3.2 The price that will be invoiced is the price current at the date of order.
3.3 Orders placed through the web site are considered an “offer to treat” until an official order confirmation /acknowledgement has been issued by Medsafe Consultancy.
3.4 Medsafe Consultancy reserves the right to refuse any order and where applicable refund any monies paid.


4.1 Payment must be made in full within 7 days from date of invoice and with cleared funds before an order is shipped unless a credit account is authorized.
4.2 Payment must be made in full within 7 days from date of invoice and with cleared funds before a course can be confirmed. We will only hold the course date as Provisional for 7 days until paid in full.
4.3 Payment method can be by any of the available options by contacting us.
4.4 Payment shall be in Sterling as specified.
4.5 Ownership of the goods will pass from the seller to the buyer at the point of delivery/after full payment has been received.


5.1 Goods can be delivered within the UK and Internationally.
5.2 Goods can be delivered to the any address confirmed by the buyer
5.3 If the buyer deliberately fails to take delivery then the seller has the right to add 15% towards the invoice as a cost towards returning the items.
5.4 The delivery date confirmed is a statement of intent to reasonably attempt delivery within this period and Medsafe Consultancy shall not be held liable for any losses incurred by the buyer for late delivery.
5.5 Goods are delivered under the insurance risk of Medsafe Consultancy; The buyer should make a claim within 48 hours of receipt of delivery for missing items, or damaged goods.
5.6 In respect of damaged goods the buyer must sign “Received damaged” and notify Medsafe Consultancy immediately.
5.7 No claim will be accepted by Medsafe Consultancy for lost/damaged goods after the 48 hour period.


6.1 The buyer has the right to cancel the order within 7 working days after receiving the goods subject to meeting the following conditions.
6.2 This is only applicable to orders made through the website where the buyer is a private individual and receives the order by our specified delivery agents.
6.3 If the buyer is a business entity, then they are excluded from distance selling regulations.
6.4 Where the goods are warranty replacements.
6.5 When the goods have been opened, or product seals broken, or the packaging is no longer in “as new condition”
6.6 Medsafe Consultancy must receive in writing by mail or e-mail within the 7 working days for your claim to be valid.
6.7 The buyer will be responsible for the goods to be returned in a safe manner and undamaged at their own cost by the same method as the original delivery.
6.8 Upon receipt of any returned/cancelled goods under clause 6 Medsafe Consultancy shall inspect verify the claim and within 30 days refund the original purchase price of the goods to the buyer as given at the time of purchase.


7.1 The warranty period is a maximum 12 months from the date of invoice and is not extended by any warranty replacement, nor can it be sold onto a third party.
7.2 If the goods develop a fault within 14 days of invoice date, subject to the product being tested by ourselves, Medsafe Consultancy will offer either a replacement or a full refund for the item. After 14 days a replacement of same or similar specification will be offered.
7.3 For any warranty/product support operated directly by manufacturers, the buyer agrees to process their claim directly with the manufacturer.
7.4 The warranty does not apply to goods returned that show fair wear and tear, neglect by the buyer to maintain the product, or 3rd party alteration/modification of the original product specification.
7.5 If any goods develop fault whist under warranty you are obliged to notify the seller in writing either by e-mail or fax within 7 days of the defect becoming evident or when you ought to have noticed the defect.
7.6 The buyer is responsible to obtain a Return to Supplier Authorisation number and to return the product in a correct way and bear all costs incurred.


8.1 The Sellers total liability within this contract is to the value paid for the individual goods purchased.
8.2 For sales to businesses the seller shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage whatsoever either caused directly or indirectly.


9.1 The terms and conditions of this contract shall be subject to English Law and the Northern Ireland courts will have jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from the contract.
9.2 If any part of these Terms and Conditions are found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court the rest is unaffected.


10.1 Product descriptions are for information purposes only and the buyer must satisfy themselves through the supplier’s information that the specifications detailed meet their requirements.


11.1 Courses may be cancelled with the following terms: Within 7 day’s 100% is payable. Within 14 days, a fee of 50% is payable. Within 21 days 35% is payable.
11.2 Transfer of dates – If the course date/s becomes unsuitable, it will be at the discretion of the training administrator to transfer to a more suitable date to accommodate your requirements.